DENON AH-D5200 Over-Ear Premium Headphones


Premium over-ear headphones with exceptional sound, beautiful Zebrawood housing, comfortable engineered leather and memory foam earpads and a 50-year legacy of headphone excellence.

  • Excellent quality - the 50-mm FreeEdge drivers, made from particularly robust nanofiber material, minimise unwanted vibrations and distortion, ensuring unsurpassed precise sound reproduction
  • Experience high-resolution audio formats with outstanding sound quality, detail and vibrancy
  • The durability of the materials guarantees high sound quality for a long time - the frame of the housing forms a durable die-cast aluminum shackle, which guarantees long-lasting quality and axial flexibility
  • Real wood - the natural sound properties of the real Zebrawood housing support sound attenuation and create a warm, vibrant sound with the over-ear headphones 

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