Internet Banking

You can easily check and manage the following:

  • Your account(s) and investment
  • Your credit cards (repay your credit/prepaid card), loans and queries
  • Effect transfers between your own account, to other local banks and internationally
  • View, amend and cancel standing orders
  • View your direct debits
  • View the positions of your Import Items, Export Items, Bank Guarantees
  • Apply for a Letter of Credit
  • Amend an Existing LC
  • Order a cheque book
  • Stop and unblock a cheque
  • Initiate Bulk Payments

Note: A company can apply either for the View only or for All Options

You can download your registration form here.

To log on to IB, visit, click on the “Log in securely to IB tab” or you may browse to the Corporate web page and click on the closed padlock on the top right hand side of and connect by inserting your user ID and password.

Log in with your current  password, click on my profile, click change login password, insert the current  password, insert the new password twice, click on change.

For all issues with your user ID or password, call +230 202 6060 or liaise with your Relationship Manager.

As long as you remember your password, you may request either your Company Administrator to unlock same. Or you can call on 202 6060. Else if you have forgotten your password, you should fill in the form F1286C and liaise with your Relationship Manager. You can download the form here.

Go on the Dashboard, Authorise transaction menu. Switch on the token, insert the token PIN, insert the 7 digits challenge number on the token, click OK on the token, insert the token response on IB, and “authorise” transaction.

Yes, through our bulk payment functionality which allows in one transaction, one debit and multiple credits.

The company will first to apply for this specific functionality and will have to generate a text file either by using its own system or by using our Excel Utility. The text file is then loaded on IB and authorised by the signatories.

The Company Administrator is an Authorised User(s) empowered by the company and accepted by the bank to act as the sole authority to create in-house functional access to MCB IB modules. The Company Administrator can Unblock a User, Deactivate a User, Activate a User, Add a User, Delete a User and Modify a user.