The right tools to support your collection needs

At MCB, we understand that receiving payments promptly from your customers is an essential part of any business. This is why we have the solutions to support you in this important activity.

Direct debit

Our Direct Debit payment service can make your organisation’s payment collection more efficient, manageable and cost effective. Your customers will be able to settle recurrent but variable outstanding bills in due time through the automatic debit of their bank account.

A new Direct Debit Scheme operated by our Central Bank is also in place to allow you, as an Originator, to submit all your claims to MCB only. Your bank account will then be credited with the total amount claimed irrespective of where your clients bank.

Bill payment

Our bill payment facility provides a secure, user-convenient way of receiving bill payments round-the-clock via the MCB Internet Banking platform and MCB Juice.

How it works?

  • You can register your company as a biller
  • No pre-registration needed for payers (i.e. your customers paying you)
  • Any MCB client can pay third-party bills
  • Reports can be extracted to facilitate reconciliation

How can we help your business

  • Reduce administrative burden related to processing of payments from your customers
  • Help you manage your cash flow through timely collection of payments
  • Offer peace of mind and convenience to your customers through secure and flexible payment collection services
  • Ease your account reconciliation process through provision of reports