Streamline the monitoring and reconciliation of your accounts

Reporting Services  

A SWIFT MT940 message is your account statement in international format listing transactions effected on your account for the previous day. To help streamline your reconciliation process, we offer the facility of providing your account statement in electronic format. The statement can be delivered through the SWIFT network to a designated recipient or can be made available on our “Drop&Collect” server.

Key features

  • Easy identification of transactions for ease of reconciliation
  • Electronic daily, weekly or monthly statement with a detailed balance and transaction report
  • Provides information on opening and closing balances and all items posted to an account sorted by currency

Internet Banking Dashboard

Our Internet Banking Dashboard is also a great tool to help you monitor your accounts. It can serve as a command centre for all your transactions: no scrolling through endless pages of reporting, all the basics are here.

Key features

  • Your key numbers in one place – The dashboard gives you a complete list of all transactions executed on our Internet Banking platform and their relevant status.
  • Have an overview of your business – The consolidated account summary gives you a global view of the financial position of all companies to which the user has access
  • Get what you need – Download statements (PDF) or lists of transactions (Excel or CSV)

How can we help your business?

  • Improve your operational efficiency and reduce reconciliation burden by automating import of your account statements into your accounting/ reconciliation systems
  • Have better control over your operations through enhanced visibility on your transactions

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