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With an in-depth expertise and an active player in structuring payments solutions in the banking industry, MCB offers clients with a comprehensive approach in devising the most suited merchant services to help you grow your business.

How we can help your business?

Whether your organisation based domestically or overseas, we will work closely with you, understand your needs and customise our merchant solutions to streamline your operations, accept secure payments and improve the customer experience online.

Provide MCB with a business plan or the latest financial statement

Our experts will perform a due diligence which includes an audit of your website

Ensure your website adheres to the following:

  • Relevant description of products and/or services
  • Active customer service contact
  • Terms and conditions clause outlining returns and refund policy
  • Permanent establishment of the merchant
  • Privacy policy

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Thank you for your interest in MCB Payment & Cash solutions. We are confident we have the right solutions to support your business.