Enhance your vehicle(s) performance

A convenient alternative to cash and cheques, our Fleetman card is the must-have payment solution to all your fuel, oil, vehicle spare parts and other repairs expenses. Drive a more cost-effective fleet by setting, monitoring spending limits and patterns as well as managing its performance.


  • Manage your running costs by registering one vehicle per card
  • Monitor your vehicle(s) fuel consumption, maintenance and performance through the Vehicle Technical Report (VTR)
  • Benefit from a revolving credit
  • No need for PIN or signature, which is more convenient to the user
  • Simplify your financial and cost accounting
  • Accurate reporting on mileage and fuel consumption while helping you gauge the capital worth of your vehicle(s) and when it's time to replace it

Why choose MCB Fleetman cards?

  • More flexibility: better control of your vehicle(s) and expenses
  • High level of security: - Each fleet card is embossed with the vehicle registration number and model, enabling the purchase of fuel for one vehicle only
  • Detailed tracking and reporting capabilities on your vehicle’s expenses, mileage and fuel consumption

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