Why invest in our Mutual Funds?

  • Professional and experienced fund managers
  • Local and foreign investment options
  • Medium to long-term investments
  • Monthly investment plans or lump sum investment
  • Exposure to multiple asset classes

A wide range of fund opportunities awaits

MCB Domestic equities fund

Achieve long-term capital growth while investing in a diversified and actively managed portfolio of shares listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius and the Development Enterprise Market.

MCB General fund

Achieve long-term capital appreciation through a diversified portfolio of local and overseas securities while ensuring regular dividend income.

MCB Overseas fund

Invest in overseas collective investment schemes with exposure to principal global stock, bond and currency markets.

MCB Tracker fund

Track the SEM-10 index while benefitting from long term capital appreciation.

MCB Yield fund

Aim to yield at least 1.75% above the average savings rate offered by commercial banks in Mauritius.

MCB USD Bond fund

Achieve a return from coupon income, long term capital and currency appreciation through investment in interest bearing USD denominated fixed income securities.

View your investment portfolio online

View your consolidated valuation, get your detailed positions valued at the latest available closing market prices and access the transaction history for each security through MCB Internet Banking.

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