Internet Banking Pro: Your all-in-one digital banking solution

A simplified and enhanced digital banking experience awaits our non-individual customers.

What’s new?

At the forefront of technology, MCB IB Pro provides the following new features:

  • Fast and seamless registration
  • A fresh user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation
  • A graphical representation of account balances
  • Tagging of favorite accounts
  • Self-unlocking and resetting of passwords
  • Manage your user profile (email address and mobile phone number) in a few clicks
  • An Omni channel platform already hosting Juice and Juice Pro

IB Pro will be enhanced with additional features in the upcoming months. Stay tuned! 


SmartApprove – Your approval tool on your mobile

SmartApprove Mobile App has replaced the physical and soft tokens. It is now the only ‘second-factor’ authentication tool on Internet Banking Pro, making the approval experience of signatory users seamless and more efficient. Use biometrics for added security and stay updated with in-app notifications.

Download SmartApprove from your preferred App Store and access it using your IB Pro new credentials.

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Your key to security

We understand that security is paramount. IB Pro adheres to the highest standards:

  • New transaction signing: both in-band and out of band. 
  • Encrypted connection between client browsers and MCB servers (HTTPS with latest TLS).
  • Availability of an audit log related to user information for all transactions initiated and authorised.
  • Brute-force detection and account lockout mechanism to prevent credentials cracking.
  • Session validity timeout to prevent impersonation.
  • No sensitive information stored in full (e.g. card details, password & pin) based on PCI-DSS guidelines (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).
  • Data is protected against cross websites request forgery (CSRF attacks)
  • The solution has been duly audited by a renowned party before the public launch
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