Your one-stop shop banking relationship management

As we commit to build trust-based and lasting relationships, our highly skilled professionals with proven expertise bring to your bank a relevant offering that meets your requirements and unlocks opportunities.

  • Offloading excess exposure via secondary assets trading, for additional capacity building
  • Club loans and syndications, participant and arranger
  • Fulfillment of your Mauritian business needs and those of your clients, with dedicated products


Dedicated initiatives for African counterparties

  • Replicating MCB’s best of breed solutions into African banks
  • Your safe conduit into the complex African market
  • Close relationship with a wide range of counterparties on the continent

On-the-ground MCB representative offices

We have representative offices with market and regulatory coverage, deep local knowledge of Financial institutions and corporates operating across the continent:

  • Our Johannesburg office serves Southern Africa
  • Our Nairobi office serves East and West Africa
  • Our Dubai Office serves MENA and the Asia Region
  • Our Paris office serves Europe

We act as marketing arm for MCB Group and can introduce you to the MCB network for project financing and investment opportunities.



Partnerships with Development Finance Institutions

We are MCB Group’s dedicated point of contact with Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) – specialised multilateral, bilateral or national development banks or subsidiaries which support private sector development in emerging and developing countries.

We undertake proactive market prospection and networking, relationship building and management as well as business development with DFIs