Key Features

  • Monitor status at every point of your transaction, anywhere in the world
  • Be informed notified when your beneficiary receives the funds
  • Query your transfers seamlessly
  • Reconcile payments against invoices/orders with a unique reference
  • Benefit from improved efficiency and transparency

Access the SWIFT gpi tracker only on MCB SmartApprove

Frequently Asked Questions

SWIFT GPI (Global Payment Innovation) Tracker is a new solution from SWIFT to enhance the transactional experience of both customers and banks. The aim is to create more transparency and visibility on international transfers.

All foreign currency payments processed via SWIFT network.

Simply log in to SmartApprove to enjoy this new innovative feature.

The tracker is currently only available to non-individual customers who use SmartApprove and is not available on Internet Banking for the moment.

You will be able to: 

  • Track end-to-end international payments status in real time 
  • Have complete visibility on the date, time and the final amount credited to beneficiary’s account 
  • Strengthen relationships with your suppliers 
  • Reduce time taken and cost to investigate an issue 
  • Maintain consistent data records (allows beneficiaries to easily reconcile payments against invoices or orders with a Unique End-to-end Transaction Reference - UETR)

You can track your foreign currency payments via the following steps:

1.    Log in on SmartApprove with your IB credentials

2.    Click on Recent Transaction Tab or Transaction Tracker

3.    Click on any payment with the tracker icon Locator icon 

4.    All the tracking information will be available on the transaction details screen

3 Statuses are available on the tracker:

1.    Completed transaction

2.    In progress transaction

3.    Rejected transaction

The SWIFT GPI Tracker is currently free of charge.

You will need to contact your dedicated Relationship Manager to initiate an enquiry for you.

You will be able to view your last 30 foreign currency transactions.