A hassle-free means for your cash handling requirements

If your company needs to deposit large volumes of cash or cheques at your local MCB branch, minimise the risk of theft or mishandling with our Cash Deposit solutions through our reliable business partners.

Money Processing

The Money Processing service consists of the transportation and processing of funds by a specialised company. It offers you numerous benefits:

  • A higher level of security in the cash handling with traceability, audit trail and insurance cover from the specialised company
  • No waiting time at MCB branches when depositing huge amounts of cash. Your account is credited the next working day after collection at your end

How we can help your business?

Deposit your bank notes, coins and cheques securely to your MCB branch by taking advantage of our Cash Deposit solutions and manage your cash with complete peace of mind.

  • Leverage on a more secure and convenient way of handling your cash
  • Ensure the safety of your employees while handling the delivery of large amounts of cash to your MCB branch
  • There are no charges claimed by MCB for this service, your company deals with your chosen supplier directly
  • Minimise costs and be more efficient by outsourcing your cash deposit requirements