MCB JuicePro is here to support your business

Today, mobility and online security is more obvious than ever. That's where MCB JuicePro comes in – a user-friendly mobile solution crafted to meet your regular banking transactions. 

Multiple Payment Options

Explore a world of convenience with our Multiple Payment Options. Fit your transactions to your needs, ensuring seamless and efficient financial management with every interaction.

Own Account Transfer

Effortlessly transfer funds within your MCB accounts.

Other Local Bank Transfer

Transfer funds to accounts in other local banks with ease.

Foreign Currency Transfer

Conduct international funds transfer safely and seamlessly.

Scan to Pay

Scan QR codes at local merchants for quick and secure payments.


  • No Transfer limit

    Send payments of any amount daily with no transfer limits!

  • Overdraft Application

    Apply for an overdraft of up to MUR 1 million directly on the app, and obtain it within 5 working days*.

  • MCB Merchant

    Apply to become an MCB Merchant for QR or POS payment solutions.

  • Account balances

    View account balances in real-time.

  • View Loans

    Access and view your business loans.

  • Card Companion

    View your cards’ transactions, check available balances, manage security and usage options & download your statements.

  • International Transfer

    Send funds worldwide in the currency of your choice.

  • Monitor Transactions

    Keep track of your last 30 transactions.

  • Cash Flow Analysis

    View a quick analysis of your last 6 months' transactions with the Cash-flow graph.

  • Approve Payments

    Provide 2nd level approvals for payments made to any local banks and receive instant notifications (for companies with 2 signatories).

  • Create and manage beneficiaries

    For regular payments, create, view & manage your beneficiaries on the app.

  • Statements & advices

    Access statements and advices available up to 3 years, view, download, share or print them anytime!

Register in 3 simple steps 

  1. Download and install the app from the App Store, Google Play and Huawei AppGallery.
  2. Register with your personal MCB debit or credit card.
  3. Create an mPIN or use biometrics.



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  1. Who is eligible for MCB JuicePro?
    MCB JuicePro is available to MCB SME Customers who possess a valid Business Registration Number (BRN) among other eligibility criteria.
  2. How to register to MCB JuicePro?
    To access MCB JuicePro, simply download the app from your preferred app store and complete the registration process. Registration involves providing your personal details and linking your account with a valid MCB debit or credit card.
  3. Can more than one company be registered on MCB JuicePro?
    Upon logging into MCB JuicePro, you'll gain visibility into all the companies you have access to. From there, you can easily select the specific company you intend to transact with, streamlining the process for efficient navigation and seamless transactions.
  4. What can I do on MCB JuicePro?
    You can:
    • Send payments of any amount daily with no transfer limits!
    • Approve payments and track recent transactions on the go
    • Receive instant notifications (for companies requiring 2 approvals)
    • Apply for an overdraft of up to MUR 1 million directly on your app, and obtain it within 5 working days*
    • Send funds worldwide in the currency of your choice
    • Apply to become an MCB Merchant
    • Refill your prepaid mobile numbers with talktime, data & home broadband packages
  5. What option is provided on MCB JuicePro?
    Users are granted full access to all available options within MCB JuicePro, empowering them to view and initiate transactions as needed. This comprehensive access enables users to efficiently manage their accounts and conduct transactions with ease.
  6. Is there a service fee associated to MCB JuicePro?
    MCB JuicePro comes at no cost, offering its range of features and services completely free of charge. This ensures accessibility for all eligible users without any financial burden.
  7. Which OS or Android version is compatible with MCB JuicePro?
    The application is compatible with iOS 12 and above, for iPhone users and Android 6 and above for any Android users.
  8. What should I do when I get the error message "network connection unavailable"?
    Switch on your device WIFI or Data connectivity and tap on "try again" to get connected to your MCB JuicePro session.
  9. Are there any additional security measures that I should take?
    You can contact us on 202 6060 or reach out to your Relationship Manager or Relationship Executive.
  10. What should I do if I forget my mPIN?
    Go to 'Forgot mPIN' from the login screen and tap "OK". MCB JuicePro will reset and you can launch the application by completing your device registration to create a new mPIN.
  11. Is it possible to authenticate all transactions on MCB JuicePro using biometrics?
    Biometrics is an additional security to login MCB JuicePro. Biometrics is recognized as set on the user's device. For iOS face ID and fingerprint can be recognized whereas for Android we recognized fingerprint only. Transactions are authenticated using a One-Time Password.

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