A critical activity for your business

Indeed, it is critical that there is no lapse in your process when managing inflows and outflows of your company’s cash to enhance control over your funds and maximise returns. This is why we have put together a wide range of easy and innovative payment options to provide you with the flexibility of choosing what best supports your business needs.

Need to make payments efficiently?

Domestic & International transfers

Transfer funds to any bank in Mauritius quickly and open your business to the world by making and accepting international payments in multiple foreign currencies.

Internet Banking & SmartApprove

A full range of features and a greater level of functionality at your fingertips 24/7, anytime, anywhere to manage your finances safely and efficiently.

Bulk Payments

Choose an easy, reliable and highly efficient payment solution that suits your business needs and simplifies your bulk transactions.

Drop & Collect

Send your payments and retrieve your bank statements safely and efficiently through our host-to-host service.

Corporate Card

Wherever your business opportunities take you, our corporate cards are accepted worldwide, with an all-inclusive package that provides flexibility, financial control, privileges and protection.

Fleetman Card

We help you manage your vehicles’ running costs by offering a one-stop shopping for a spectrum of fleet-related services.

Want to monitor transactions & reconcile your accounts easily?


We need to be more environmentally conscious these days and we lead the way. So say goodbye to printed statements.

Need to optimise and manage your funds smartly?