MCB SmartApprove

Our SmartApprove web application is accessed via a link and which reacts likes a mobile application.

It cannot be downloaded via Appstore or Playstore

The user guide to add the icon of SmartApprove to home screen is available via the following link:

The MCB SmartApprove application is an additional channel allowing you to approve your payment instructions on the go. Your transfers will, then be processed at the bank’s level.

The industry standard security measures have been used to ensure that your transaction and personal information are protected when transmitted online.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer ‘128-bit encryption’) is used to protect the information being transferred over the Internet.

Security Token, a two-factor authentication device, that generates one-off passwords is used to authenticate your transactions.

Notifications are by default set to “on” but can be switched “off” by the user on the application itself.

You will receive SMS notifications in the following scenarios:

1. When there are transactions pending authorisation.

2. When transactions have been rejected or modified by another signatory user.

3. When transactions have been successfully processed or rejected by the Bank.

The signatory user will be able to access pending transfers via the MCB SmartApprove application and will also be able to view the details to those transactions.

Thereafter, the user will select the transfers he wish to authorise and complete the authentication process via his soft token.

If all conditions are met (e.g. there is sufficient balance on the account, there are no restrictions on the account, etc. ), the payment will be immediate.

The onus will, however, be on the beneficiary bank as regards the application of the funds.