Our product offering at a glance

With our comprehensive product suite, our experienced team delivers the right financial tools to help you manage your business more efficiently, whilst mitigating the various risks that your business faces on a daily basis.

FX Transactional Services

We have an active offering, trading on behalf of both Corporate and Institutional clients, offering a broad range of FX products, building on our significant market share. Our specialists also offer you a personalised service with timely execution, including access to emerging markets including G10, African and exotic other currencies.

Corporate Short Term Deposit & Lending

We provide an array of solutions ranging from short-term deposits and money market placements in MUR, foreign currency deposits in major currencies as well as some emerging markets currencies. Qualified clients can also access derivatives and structured liquidity management products, including currency swaps, repos, reverse repos as well as cross currency repos.

Corporate Hedging Solutions

With rich expertise in domestic and overseas markets, we provide clients with tailored hedging solutions, to mitigate risks through FX Forwards, Swaps, Non deliverable Forwards, and Flexi-Forwards. In addition to providing conventional FX products, our customised FX solutions aimed at both exporters and importers can be structured at zero-cost. Also, we offer a full spectrum of interest rate products, including Interest Rate Swap, Cross Currency Swaps to have an effective hedge with the clients financing cash flows

Investor Solutions

We understand that our clients’ investment decisions are determined by their liquidity needs, desired returns, asset class preferences as well as risk appetite. To meet our clients’ expectations in continuously changing financial markets, we provide a sophisticated offering of solutions tailored to their requirements: Local Currency - T-Bills/Notes/Bonds & Corporate Bonds Foreign Currency - Foreign Sovereign Fixed Income Securities, Dual Currency Deposits & Structured Investment Products