Your SWIFT partner

MCB SWIFT service bureau offers SWIFT connectivity to banks and financial institutions in a secure, cost-effective and reliable manner without requiring the latter to have onsite SWIFT equipment and specialised technical qualifications. We are certified and audited by SWIFT and comply to SWIFT cyber-security standards.

With more than 20 years of proven experience servicing MCB as well as other local and international banks, MCB SWIFT service bureau leverages its knowledge and skills to provide a full-fledged solution for your SWIFT connectivity:

How we can help your business

  • Handling of highly complex tasks such as system upgrades and maintenance
  • Ordering of all relevant SWIFT services and products on behalf of the SWIFT user
  • Archiving of SWIFT messages for a maximum period of seven years
  • Help desk assistance
  • Hotline service for urgent queries
  • Anti-money laundering filtering solution
  • Duplicate detection solution

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Our team of specialists can offer you the best possible advice regarding your SWIFT connectivity requirements.

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