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As a buyer, your main concerns are:

  • Import solutions
  • Secure your deal
  • Manage your cash flow

Our solutions

Import Letter of Credit

Import your goods on your terms while assuring payments to your suppliers upon presentation of complying documents which are in accordance with UCP 600 and the letter of credit.

Documentary Collection

Proceed with your payments upon proof of shipment from your supplier while you import with peace of mind.

Import Loan

Trade with confidence and benefit from the experience and support of our specialists.

Import Loan

Aug 16, 2023, 12:06 PM
Title : Import Loan
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Trade with confidence and benefit from the experience and support of our specialists.

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As a seller, your main concerns are:

  • Secure your deal
  • Export solutions
  • Manage your cash flow

Our solutions

Export Letter of Credit

Export your goods with peace of mind by securing payment from your buyer subject that the documents comply with UCP 600 and letter of credit.

Export Documentary Collection

Proceed with the shipment of your goods while ensuring your export document reaches your buyer upon payment or commitment to future payment.

Credit Protection

Leverage our market-leading expertise and broad network of partners to secure your trade receivables so that you can trade with confidence.

Export Loan

Improve your cash flow with export discounting of your invoices.

Track your trade document

Use the DHL - MCB Shipment Tracking System to check the status of your trade documents. Click here

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