Terms & Conditions

  • The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd (the Bank) shall process your payment instructions only if the account to be debited is adequately funded at the time of processing.
  • The Bank shall exercise reasonable care while executing the payment instructions.
  • The Bank or its agents cannot be held accountable for any loss/damage of any type, caused by delays, interruptions, misinterpretations or errors in transmission or payments which are not due to the negligence or default on the part of the Bank.
  • In the event that this transfer remains unpaid through no fault on the part of the Bank, you agree that the funds shall be credited to the account which was debited for the payment instructions, at the applicable buying rate, where appropriate, on the refund day. You further agree that you shall not receive any refund until confirmation from the Bank’s agents that the transfer is still unpaid and that the original instruction has been cancelled. You accept to pay all the relative fees and charges incurred by the Bank to recover the funds.
  • You shall bear any cost that may be incurred by the Bank as a result of incomplete, incorrect, or illegible information provided by you in the payment instructions.
  • Funds will be transferred on the same day to the recipient’s bank if the transaction is carried out before the cut off time and without any issue. The Bank cannot be held liable if the recipient’s bank does not make funds available to the recipient on agreed date.
  • You shall indemnify the Bank against all obligations and responsibilities imposed by laws or policies or any other matters regarding the transfer (including foreign charges), over which the Bank has no control.
  • The Bank’s cut off time shall apply to all same day transfers in MUR and all transfers in foreign currency.
  • The Bank may be called upon to provide information on you to its correspondent banks, as may be required by such banks in the course of their Know Your Customer (KYC) process, prior to the release of funds to the recipient. You also agree to provide the Bank with additional information that may be required by its correspondent Bank pursuant to this transfer and accept to pay all fees and charges relative thereto.