While fraud is on the rise and criminals are becoming more sophisticated, we continually endeavour to put in place rigorous measures to reduce associated risks. Our priority is to protect the integrity of your transactions. Here’s what we do.

Chip Card: Get stronger security for your credit and debit card with chip technology that protects your information when used at a chip-enabled terminal. The embedded microchips make it more difficult for cards details to be fraudulently copied.

Safer Online Shopping: MCB is an active participant in Verified by Visa® and MasterCard SecureCode® via its MCB Secure service. This service requires that you authenticate yourself when you use your MCB cards online. You can shop online with complete peace of mind knowing that when you make a purchase with your MCB Credit Card at participating merchants, your MCB Credit Card is protected from unauthorised use. 

Fraud Monitoring: MCB uses mechanisms that rigorously monitors how and where your card is being used, in view to detect any irregular activity and block potential fraud. If abnormal patterns are detected, our fraud team will get in touch with you to verify same or will block the transaction if deemed necessary.

ATMs Monitoring: Our ATMs network is equipped with surveillance cameras which help close monitoring, and allow us to take measures if any unusual activity is detected. We have reinforced skimming protection.