Using your cards is a very convenient way to make payments nowadays including online. Unfortunately, this convenience also carries a degree of risk which can be meaningfully prevented with some simple precautions. Below is a set of guidelines to help you secure your cards. 

Monitor your Statements: Check your statements to verify that they match your usage. Keep your receipts in safe location until you reconcile your credit card statements, then shred and discard them. Report any incorrect transactions immediately or within 45 days of the Statement date. 

Go Paperless: Register to e-statements to receive your statements through our Internet Banking (IB) platform or our mobile app, JuiceByMCB. It’s a secure and convenient way to have access to your card statements! Once you have registered to e-statements, a notification email will be sent to you each time a new statement is available on IB / Juice. You will then be able to view, download, and print your statements, at your own convenience.

Secure a list of your Cards: Keep a list of your cards numbers in a safe place as well as keep handy the MCB Cards Call Centre Number, for immediate reporting, in case of loss.

Endorse your card: Sign the signature panel of your card immediately upon receipt. 

Secure your Code: When you receive your PIN by mail from us, memorize it and destroy the PIN mailer. If the PIN mailer wasn’t received intact, please do let us know immediately. If you change it, select one that is not easily guessed or that can be associated to you. If you do keep any record of your PIN, make sure it is separate from your card, and in disguise.

Use ATMs Safely: Always be cautious when using ATMs. Protect the ATM keypad with your hand and/or body while keying in your PIN. Secure your card and cash after completing your transaction and before walking away from the ATM area. Avoid using ATMs at odd hours more specifically when you are alone.

Travelling precautions: Keep us informed of your trips abroad including a travel itinerary, if possible and provide us your overseas contact details so we can get in touch with you whenever necessary, for example, in case of suspicious transactions.