Become familiar with some of the most common scams

As financial fraud continues to grow and has reached huge proportions, it’s important to understand the basics of security, be it to safeguard your identity, your devices or your financial information. Fraud is not a victimless crime.

Latest cybercrime


The mule

A “money mule” is a person who is used in a criminal operation to transport and launder stolen money/ drugs. The term is a derivation of "drug mule," which is a person who transports illegal substances over a border. Victims of money mule scams include individuals, businesses and financial institutions. Criminals, often who have gained illegal access to business or consumer bank accounts, tend to recruit money mules via phishing emails. Fraudsters post online/social network job offers to recruit “middle men” who are made to believe that they will act as debt collector/agent. Mules may be witting or unwitting.


Find out about the latest scams

Online fraud

Online Fraud is a criminal offence used to steal users' personal data for fraudulent purposes. It is important to be mindful of protecting your personal and financial information.

Mobile fraud

Mobile Fraud is on the high as fraudsters continue to exploit ways banks use customers’ mobile phones. Look after your phone, it needs to be protected.

Card fraud

Card fraud is growing but being knowledgeable about them can help you stay safe. Take care of your cards and reduce the chances of being a fraud victim.

Other fraud

With the obvious end goal of monetary gain, financial fraud can only be on the rise. With this in mind, protecting your money against fraud is our priority, but we need your help!

Reporting scams


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