Secure access to the management of your accounts

Login password: Upon your first registration on MCB Internet Banking, a user ID and password will be issued to you. For security purposes, please change your password and keep it only to yourself. If you opt to transact online, you will either be provided a transactional password or a security token, depending on the option that you have selected.

Additional Layer of Security

To help safeguard against unauthorized access to your accounts, we provide you an additional layer of protection by means of a ‘security token’ or a ‘mobile one-time-password’ mechanism.

Security token: You may choose to use the Soft Token - an application which needs to be downloaded on your smartphone -, or the Hard Token - a small electronic device (which looks like a calculator). Both options will help generate a one-time password (OTP) which you will need to insert when authorising online transactions.

When and how to use it : A 7-digit number will display on your screen at the final stage of your payment. After switching on your token and entering your token PIN, type in the 7-digit number and click on the “Challenge-Response” button for the Soft Token, or “on” for the Hard Token.

One Time Password (OTP): It’s a highly-secure automatically generated validation code, sent to your mobile phone, to authenticate you for a single transaction online. The OTP must never be disclose to any third parties.

Secure Technology

Encryption: Encryption helps create a secure environment for the information being transferred between your browser and the Bank’s server. This security feature helps prevent unauthorized access that is, fraudulent users to read or amend your private data while being transmitted online. MCB is using high-end encryption technology to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your information.

Digital certificate: A digital certificate tells you that the site you are visiting is genuine. MCB uses the highest level Extended Validation (EV) Certificate available on the market to make it easier for you to protect yourself online. When a site uses EV certificates, you'll know it is authentic when the address bar turns green, displaying the name of the Institution as well as the Issuer’s name. Always check your browser address bar for the Green Bar.

Firewall: MCB uses a firewall mechanism to prevent unauthorized access to and from its information network.

Automatic Timeout: A timeout allows the system to log you off the transaction window if there is no activity within approximately 15 mins. This reduces the risk of fraudulent access if you happen to leave your computer unattended.

Temporary denial of access: Three consecutive failed attempts to log in will temporarily disable your online access. You will have to reset your password by contacting the MCB on +230 202 6060. This is a dissuasive measure to prevent fraudulent users to attempt a fake password.