These new, customisable features give you added security and control on when, where and how your MCB cards are used.

Activate/Deactivate Cards

Maybe you spent the day running errands and cannot find your card. Maybe you lost it at the supermarket? Or left it at the restaurant? If you think you might be able to track it down, simply turn it off (deactivate it) until you find it.

Contactless payments

Make fast, convenient and secure contactless payments with your MCB debit card. However, if you would like this feature to be activated depending on your shopping preference, you can easily switch it on and off at any time.*

Foreign payments

If you plan to use your card overseas, simply activate it. And, once you are back from your travels, deactivate it until your next trip.

Online payments

Online shopping can be convenient, cost-effective and safe. Whenever you need to shop online, turn-on the online shopping feature and lock it again when you no longer need to transact.

Care: Bear in mind that if you decide to use your debit card to set up an automatic recurring payment, it will go through even if the online shopping feature is disabled.

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