You may activate your card in the following ways:

  • Through JuicebyMCB
  • Via our ATMs by doing any transaction such as checking the account or withdrawing of money
  • By calling us on +230 202 5010
  • By visiting your nearest MCB branch

You may do so in three ways:

  • Via Juice, through the PIN selection option. Note: please make sure that your card is activated before changing your PIN.
  • By filling the appropriate form in branch
  • On one of our ATMs

You should report any loss or theft by calling 202 5010 or visit your nearest branch.

If such a situation arises, visit your nearest branch or call 202 5010 for replacement and to block the card as precautionary measure.

Please report same by calling 202 5010 or by visiting your nearest branch.

Yes, it is possible to do so. The other person will be a secondary card holder and all transactions performed on the secondary card will be billed to your credit card account. 

You may do so in the following ways:

  • Through JuiceByMCB
  • Via Internet Banking (IB)
  • By debiting your account at an MCB branch   
  • You may do so by logging in on the Visa prepaid portal
  • Via any of our ATMs
  • Call us on +230 202 5010
There is no need to register anymore. Registration is now automatic. In case any problem arises, please call 202 5010. 

You may do so in the following ways:

  • Through Juice
  • Via Internet Banking (IB)
  • Via any of our ATMs
  • By calling +230 202 5010
You can increase or decrease your credit limit by sending us a secure message on Internet Banking (IB) or by filling the appropriate form at any MCB branch. Our staff will gladly assist you should the need arise. 

Yes, your child is eligible to the MCB Rupys prepaid card. 

A free and secured Visa prepaid card for use by MCB Rupys Members (as from 13 years old) at ATMs and merchants in Mauritius and worldwide.

If such a situation arises, please call +230 202 5010 immediately or visit your nearest MCB branch to stop your card. 

Yes, they do. You may use your card at any ATMs,  points of sales and online merchants displaying the following logos: 

  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • UnionPay

Yes they do. Gold cards and American Express cards provide you with automatic insurance when you travel abroad. If you are a Classic or a Primo cardholder, you can subscribe to an annual travel insurance for an additional fee of Rs.600. You can subscribe online here.

It is imperative that you keep your PIN safe. Before using an ATM, please have a quick check to ensure that no skimming device has been affixed anywhere. While keying in your PIN, protect your hand with your other hand.

Never write or keep your PIN number together with your card.

Please report any loss to the bank immediately.

You need to ensure the following that:

  • your cards are activated
  • you have the relevant PIN to your cards
  • you have a copy of your insurance cover


Please call +230 404 4800 to activate debit cards.