You need to open any account with us. Why not use our online application tool and find your perfect match, right now, right here?

You may do so via IB, Juice app or by visiting your nearest branch.

Yes, you should do so in order for us to activate your debit cards and the monitoring of your credit cards.

Should this situation arise, please visit the nearest branch with the relevant death certificate.

You may do so at any of our branches.                                                                                               

You may do so through our website here.

Benefit of Travel Insurance on many accounts and cards. If you are a Primo or Classic cardholder, however, an additional fee of Rs. 600 will get you covered worldwide. Use your MCB credit card to pay for air tickets and any other purchases to benefit from this insurance cover. Trips should not last more than 60 consecutive days, starting and ending in your country of residence. 

Add travel insurance to your credit card using one of these options:

Call on 202 6060 or call in at your nearest branch

Send an SMS to 8188

Cardholder cover option message:
MCB_CC(customer reference number available on your credit card statement). Example: MCB_CC600123456  

Family cover option message:
MCB_FC(customer reference number available on your credit card statement). Example: MCB_FC600234567

Call at the nearest MCB branch or contact your relationship manager.

Same as the above, by contacting SWAN insurance directly or by visiting your nearest branch.

Annual Percentage Rate is the term used for what is charged yearly for borrowing or earned through an investment. It includes any fees or costs associated with the transaction.

Yes you may depending on your repayment capacity.                                                                                   

Yes, this is possible if the maximum repayment period has not been reached. Please note that the rates may vary from time to time according to fluctuations on the loan.

In order to obtain a personal loan without guarantee, yes you do. Such is not the case, however, for secured loans.

Yes. However, this only applies to housing loans.                                                                                              

Yes for secured loans, such as housing loans

Yes, this may be possible.

Yes, depending on your repayment capacity.

Yes, you may do so but depending on your loan contract, you may incur early repayment fees.