EMCAR Vouchers

Emcar Ltd is a family-run trading company based in Mauritius, involved in different sectors and activities. Leader since decades in some of its activities and cooperating with internationally recognized partners and brands, such as Suzuki or Kymco. Emcar Ltd meets the expectations of its customers by offering high-quality and reliable products.


EMCAR Voucher of Rs 2,500

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Gift code: EMC01


EMCAR Voucher of Rs 5,000

Amex MR logo760,000 points

Gift code: EMC02

EMCAR Voucher of Rs 7,500

Amex MR logo1,130,000 points

Gift code: EMC03

EMCAR Voucher of Rs 10,000

Amex MR logo1,550,000 points

Gift Code: EMC04


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