There are many ways to transfer money abroad

You can ‘do it yourself’ quickly via MCB Internet Banking or visit any MCB branch with the beneficiary’s name and bank details.

  • Easy to send and receive
  • Fast, easy, convenient
  • Safe and secure
  • Transfer online
  • Cost-effective choices
  • Anywhere in the world


Services to help you send or receive money with complete peace of mind


Aug 16, 2023, 09:51 AM
Title : MoneyGram
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MoneyGram is the perfect solution when you need to send or receive money rapidly and with complete peace of mind without a bank account or a credit card.

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Be wary of any suspicious payment requests!


- Don’t assume requests from an email, SMS or phone call is authentic.
- Refuse to send money via wire transfer to people you never met or relative/friend in urgent need of money. Before you send money, verify the requester’s identity or check out the story with family members/friends - using contact details you know to be genuine.
- In a business context, always look out for any irregularities on invoices, including bank details, amount. In doubt, confirm the genuineness of requests with the beneficiary by using contact details you already have on record.

Stay on the alert for the warning signs of a scam and protect yourself by following best practices.

Take a look at the most common frauds and scams