Handle your finances and payments with MCB Juice

MCB Juice is your digital wallet and combines security and ease of use. With MCB Juice, you can:

  • Manage your accounts: Handle your personal MCB accounts and add your external bank accounts
  • Scan to Pay: Scan the merchant's QR code, enter the amount, and you're good to go
  • Pay your bills: Simplify your utility bill payments from the comfort of your home


Explore MCB Juice

Simplify your everyday shopping with MCB cards

Avoid carrying cash around – our MCB cards easily fit in your wallet or purse. Pay for your products and services at point-of-sale locations with any MCB card.

Rest easy knowing you'll only spend what's available in your account or credit card balance. And, you keep track of your expenses through our statements, MCB Juice or Internet Banking. No more guessing where your money went – it's all crystal clear!

Plus, enjoy exclusive offers from select merchants and enter exciting lucky draws.


Touch & Pay

With Touch & Pay (contactless transactions), experience simplified, faster and safer payments. When making a purchase, ask the merchant or look for the contactless symbol on the payment terminal. Our Touch & Pay feature uses the same technology as microchip cards. Keep your card in your hand for added security during the transaction.

Manage your cards with MCB Juice

With MCB Juice, you can check your debit card account balance and credit card limit(s) in real time. You can also activate/deactivate any of your cards, change the PIN code for any of your cards and activate/deactivate the contactless feature and online transactions for debit cards and foreign payments.

Shop online with your MCB cards, including your debit card

Access a vast array of products online and purchase your favourite brands from the comfort of your home. Your cards are automatically registered with MCB Secure, ensuring secure online shopping. Find your MCB Secure User ID in the “Cards” section of MCB Juice. You can easily shop online with your MCB debit card, too – simply enable “Online Transactions” via MCB Juice and deactivate it whenever you like.

Help protect our wildlife with every purchase

For each payment made with your MCB debit card, we'll contribute 10 cents to the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, supporting the safeguarding of endangered species, ecosystem conservation on surrounding islets, and the protection of our biodiversity.


Simple ways to pay your bills

Save time and skip the lines! Settle your utility bills from the comfort of your home using your card, backed by the security of MCB Secure. Safely handle your online payments for electricity and water bills.

You can also opt for Direct Debit for automatic bill payments, ensuring your bills are paid promptly and accurately. How does it work? We’ll pay your bills on your behalf – with your consent, we’ll debit your account for the bill amount and make the payment directly to the supplier.

To set up a Direct Debit, fill out the form and send it to any MCB branch or your Relationship Executive.