MCB Secure

Our authentication system provides you with an additional layer of protection, when you shop online with your card at secured merchants.

How MCB protects you

MCB uses various tools and best practices designed to help protect your debit and credit cards against fraudulent transactions.

What you can do to protect your cards

We have gathered advice to help you keep your debit and credit cards more secure. Be alert to fraudulent attempts.

Report a card fraud


Not recognising a transaction? Report it to us straight away. Email us on [email protected] or

Call us on +230 202 6060

Get in touch

Stay on the alert!

Look after your cards and reduce the chances of being a fraud victim.

  • Treat your cards like cash, keep them safe and do not leave unattended at any time
  • Never write down your PIN and ensure it is not an easy-to-guess number like your date of birth
  • Never give out your card details to anyone who calls, emails or sends you an SMS
  • Destroy expired or unwanted cards by cutting through the signature panel and magnetic strip
  • Check your statements and balances regularly and inform us if you note anything suspicious
  • Be aware of attempts to clone your credit card
  • Know who you are buying from

Remember: Your card is yours only. You need to exercise utmost care to prevent its misuse or loss. Should you wish to share the benefit of your card to someone else, you may request an additional credit card for a nominated person.

Travelling abroad?

Monitoring your cards transactions is part of our measures to spot fraud. Transactions made in shops or on ATMs outside Mauritius might be considered suspicious and flagged for possible fraud. If we are made aware of your trip overseas, we will expect you to use your cards abroad. We strongly recommend that you inform us of your travel plans (dates and itinerary). This will reduce the possibility of your credit cards being restricted while you're away.

Call MCB on +230 202 6060 or send us an email at [email protected] to inform us of your trip.

Track your spending meticulously. We suggest you enable the 'Transaction Alert Service' in order to send you SMS notifications of every transaction effected abroad.

Remember: Make sure we always have your updated contact details, so that we can reach you in case we are concerned about a transaction made using your card.

Report a lost or stolen card

Your card is missing? Report it! You can reach our Cards Call Centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call us on +230 202 5010